• Spring in South Africa
  • Malachite sunbird
  • A dads life
  • Blind hope
  • Wing men
  • The view from our observation hide in South Africa
  • Scandinavian charm
  • 12 O'clock at night in northern Sweden
  • A Norwegian treat
  • White winged coughs: a close-knit family
  • Complex life in the making: multicellularity in cyanobacteria


Our group is interested in explaining the origin and breakdown of complex life

Life on earth has been shaped by several major evolutionary transitions each of which has involved independent replicating units joining together to form a new, more complex life form. For example, transitions to multicellularity, sexual reproduction, group living (societies) and symbiotic existence have all played fundamental roles in the development of life.

Our research focuses on investigating

(1) Why do transitions occur?

(2) How complex life is maintained?

(3) What role do transformations in organismal design play in transitions?

(4) Why do complex systems break down?

This involves a number of more specific projects, click here for more details.

We are based at Lund University, Sweden. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the group. In particular, we are interested in recruiting people with backgrounds in cell and microbiology at (MSc, PhD & Post-doc levels).